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Ekta House Assembly Report

Morning assembly is an integral part of school curriculum and plays an incredible role to develop a feeling of affiliation and unity among students, aids the students to develop a sense of identity and loyalty to the school and help encourage the students to share their experiences, stories, anecdotes etc. with others.

List of House Mistresses

The high-quality morning assembly at Ralli International School is conducive to the spiritual development of the learners and nurtures his/her interpersonal skills. The morning sets the day and the assembly paves the way for our students to rejuvenate their spirits and remain positive throughout the day. With the news update of the world and the school, and with a thought that provokes, the assembly steps forth and shares the information about the pre-decided themes, varying according to the different age groups

The well planned assembly conducted house wise clarifies school activities and programmes focussing on important themes as well as days. The House In-charges and the student participants strive very hard to stage and present the ‘Theme’ with immense ethos and enthusiasm.

Primary Wing

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. The very first Ekta House assembly held on May 9, 2017 presented the theme of Values like honesty, truthfulness, kindness, integrity, helpfulness, compassion, respectfulness for friends, family and elders.These values were portrayed through skit, poems, songs, and placards . On August 16, 2017 Grade I and II learners ushered into the world of awareness on the theme ‘Be Healthy’ and were sensitized about the importance of taking a balanced diet and physical exercise.

On August 10 2017, Special assemblies on Janmashtami and Independence Day enriched them with the rich culture and history.Children dressed up beautifully to present their dance and skit based on the theme and filled the air with festivity and patriotic fervour. ‘Women empowerment’ and ‘Women Equality with men’ is a universal issue. Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies and achieve development and thus the Special Assembly on Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize winner 2014, was also conducted on August 17, 2017.

The objective to develop a sense of school spirit, feelings of affiliation and unity among students and to provide a platform to perform with full confidence and grace was also fulfilled.


It was a golden opportunity for me to take part in morning assembly. I overcame the stage fear and was boosted with lots of confidence. I took the pledge to imbibe in me, the virtues and values showcased in the assembly.

I was showered with praise and appreciation after my performance in the morning assembly. The moments which I enjoyed during the assembly filled me with self motivation for doing better in future. It was a fun filled learning experience, to encounter everything in life with positive and optimistic approach.

With the help of morning assemblies I have developed good oratory skills and with confidence I can deliver speech before the masses.I have learnt many values and overcome many obstacles with the help of my teachers and friends.

I have been given wonderful opportunities to present dance performance, skit etc to mould my personality from an introvert to extrovert. I feel very confident and enjoy participating in most of the activities based on several themes.

Morning assemblies held in are school provide ample of opportunities to each and every student to learn , share and be motivated for a better performance each time.I have developed a flair to perform and excel in the assigned task .I have gained a lot of values and positivity through these opportunities.
-Arnav Gautam(V-C)

Middle Wing

To showcase their public presentation and oratory skills, the students are encouraged to plan their assembly on topics like human values, a personal learning experience, rules and regulations of the school, national and international leaders and events, social evils, festivals of all faiths. These topics help foster and facilitate the growth of national integration and secularism among the pupils.

On August 8,2017- the students of classes VI and VII presented the morning assembly on the dual theme ‘Salute our Heroes’ and ‘Love your Motherland’. The School paid a special tribute to the heroes in the assembly.The participants poured their love and patritism for their nation. The children were reminded of the valour and selflessness with which the soldiers of the Indian Army fought off the infiltration from across the border and ensured that our Motherland remained secure, through a ‘Skit’, and a ‘Poem’, followed by a thought provoking ‘Speech’. The whole event reverberated with the air of patriotic fervour. This infused a sense of nationality and oneness among the students.

The students of class VIII presented the assembly on ‘Women Empowerment’ on 22nd August, which is the most challenging and relevant social issues in India in the present scenario. It was a session of awareness for the students. The role of society promoting women empowerment and explaining its importance was depicted through a dramatic piece.Students were able to present their ideas clearly that to make the country a fully developed country, women empowerment is an essential tool to get the goal of development


The topics of the assembly make us aware about the social issues and give us knowledge about many things related to our environment and society. Through the assembly we depicted the changing perspective on gender inequality in society and the need to empower woman. It was a great medium to disseminate the message seamlessly.

Topics in assemblies are the ones which are above the syllabus and enrich us in values and ethics. They make our attitude along with the aptitude, through skits, street plays, dance dramas etc. and contributes in shaping our personality for a better future. It also helps to overcome stage fear and builds in confidence.

My experience of the assembly was awesome. The activities help students to learn difficult concepts in a very simple manner. We learnt about the history of the great personalities who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. It was an extremely impressive presentation and left an indelible mark on my mind.

I played the role of the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh in the assembly, which was a feeling, to be proud of. I did justice to the role given to me, as I was applauded by the audience and appreciated by the House in-charge. Through my enactment, I was able to connect with the past heroes. It was indeed an amazing sensation.


“Mother Earth is the culmination of multiple and diverse energies, which is brought together to create a rich aesthetic experience with a message of harmony and co-existence”. To dedicate 25th of April to Mother Earth, a dance sequence on the theme “Lend a hand to save the land” was performed by the students. It exhibited the harm caused to environment for the personal benefits of man, the ill effects of pollution on living beings, and suggested the solution to save it by a slogan and a beautiful poem.

The highlight of 10th July was the theme, “Jisne jhela nahi khel kya usne khela”. It emphasized the importance of struggle, in order to achieve the goal, and in keeping up with the spirit. A beautiful skit enacted by the students, portrayed a relationship between a father and son to depict the parental sacrifice, self expression, perseverance and a broader vision. Students aptly enacted the theme.

14th August poured in the feel of patriotism as it calls for the celebration of Independence Day. The Ceremony of the salutation of 71St Independence Day began with the unfurling of the Tricolour by the Respected Chairman Sir, followed by a grand parade and the words of enlightenment by him. The students’ performance on the Life of a Soldier stirred everyone present there, and was successful in keeping alive the flame of patriotism.

October is the month synonymous with the name of the Father of our Nation—Mahatama Gandhi, who sew the seed of Swachch Bharat in our country which is now growing into a tree. So a street play on the theme of Swachch Bharat was presented by the students, on 9th October. The speech on the same issue aroused a lot of awareness for sanitation and convinced all to take a pledge to keep the surroundings clean.

The aim to provide a platform to the scholars, encourage them to work in a team, gain experience, to discover their capabilities and to give an amazing start to the day was achieved.


A peaceful morning assembly gives a very fresh start to a day. Our school has a very good tradition to start the assembly with the chant of OM. It gives us inner strength and peace of mind. I am always positive after the assembly in our school. I had an opportunity to participate in the assemblies based on ‘Swachch Bharat’ and ‘Independence Day’. It was an extremely enthralling experience wherein I participated lively and would always love to contribute my efforts for the welfare of my country.

Morning assemblies give a rejuvenated start to the day which fills all with enthusiasm and energy. The assembly educates in a more creative way and so I like and enjoy them the most. It not only imparts knowledge but also provides opportunity to explore talents such as poem recitation, singing, acting and orating. I participated in most of the assemblies of my school and my favourite one was on ‘Independence Day’. The skit on that day infused patriotism in the air. The speech of our Honourable Chairman Sir motivated and inspired all.

A day full of positivity, imbibes values in us through various theme based assemblies. The assembly that I liked most was titled “TO LEND A HAND TO SAVE THE LAND”. Our school has this tradition to take wonderful and interesting themes as a medium to inculcate some values and virtues in the forthcoming generation. The credit of having a feel of patriotism in me goes to the ideals that our assemblies portrayed. It not only provides information, but also helps learn how to put in a collective effort and work in team to make the performance a success. It is also an opportunity to explore the hidden talents and polishes them to shine like a star.

Assembly is the integral part of the school activity. It not only gives an opportunity to learn from the theme but also gives a chance to participate and explore the capabilities and hidden talents. Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses and everyone has his/her own capability of learning; some learn by reading, some by listening, some by watching and some by performing. Assembly is a chance for all to show their part of excellence and learn in their own way. So, I love this innovative way of teaching with fun.

Assembly is the integral part of the school activity. It not only gives an opportunity to learn from the theme but also gives a chance to participate and explore the capabilities and hidden talents. Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses and everyone has his/her own capability of learning; some learn by reading, some by listening, some by watching and some by performing. Assembly is a chance for all to show their part of excellence and learn in their own way. So, I love this innovative way of teaching with fun.

I have got many chances to participate in assemblies which gave me delight to prove myself in different genres . School assembly plays an inevitable role in building the character of a student. It also fills us with positive reinforcement in the form of praise and reward. I appraise morning assemblies as the most efficient way of learning in today’s world and traditional way of education.

House In-charges

Ms Charu Bhatnagar (Grade I)
Ms Monika Singh (Grade II)
Ms Karishma Saraswat (Grade III)
Ms Sunita Raina (Grade IV)
Ms Neetu Pundir (Grade V)
Ms Poonam Sood (Grade VI)
Ms Pratibha Bhati (Grade VII)
Ms Sunita Singh (Grade VIII)
Ms Richa Gupta (Grade IX-X)

Jagriti House Assembly Report

Morning is God’s own way of saying one more time,
Go make a difference, Touch a heart,
Encourage a mind, Inspire a soul and enjoy the day.

Morning Assembly, being the most important ritual of a school, the students at Ralli International School also begin their school day with a morning prayer, by gathering in the school playground, dressed up in proper school uniforms, standing straight in rows, folding hands, joined feet and closed eyes – everyone aligned to one rhythm – this is the greatest form of concentration. The scene is very calm and peaceful.

Praying gives a few moments’ of silence to students for appreciating the good things in life.They start their day by making a firm commitment to do their best-for the school and themselves.The enchantment of OM and then the Morning Prayer is followed by an inspirational thought of the day, followed by news headlines, some interesting facts, poem recitations, speeches, skits, dances, songs and a variety of cultural activities, followed by a rendition of the national anthem.

There are a variety of purposes for an assembly to happen apart from praying to God. The reasons to hold assembly also includes, communicating information about a particular topic or it can be for celebration of a festival.

Jagriti House Students remained involved throughout the year in presenting various significant topics through their assemblies. All the Jagriti house students starting from the Primary Wing to Middle Wing till the Senior Wing, of our school, participated whole heartedly in regular assemblies and some time in special assemblies too. The assemblies were always well planned and every child was given the opportunity and the platform to display their talent.


Starting with Primary Wing Students, they began with their first Assembly in the month of July, held on 05/07/17 on the topic, 'Keep your surroundings clean'. It aimed to make the students understand the meaning of cleanliness. Second topic was 'Be Punctual and Disciplined' which was held on 12/07/17, followed by 'A friend in need is a friend indeed’ which again focused on teaching the students some moral values about punctuality. This assembly took place on 20/07/17. A very hilarious skit presented on the topic Akbar Birbal was also a part of the morning assemblies. This took place on 27/07/17. This assembly made the students aware about the wisdom of King Akbar and the wittiness of Birbal. They were able to relate to the stories they have heard of about them. The next assemblies were considered as special assemblies as it covered the topics like Teachers' Day which took place on 20/08/17 and then on the topic Dusshera presented on 27/09/17 followed by Raksha Bandhan presented on 3/08/17, Diwali which took place on 19/10/17 and then finally Christmas which took place on 21/12/17. The students came to know the relevance of the festivals and how are they celebrated. They conducted well planned assemblies on different topics. Every child was given the opportunity and the platform to display their talent. Guided by their teachers, the assemblies included short skits, presentations, slogan display, poetry, speech, songs, dance performances etc.

Student’s Feedback

Jagriti House conducted an assembly on the topic ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ I took part in it. The skit was on Krishna and Sudama. I played the role of Rukmani. I enjoyed it very much. I got to dress up nicely. I loved being on stage.
Name: Riya Class: IV D

I had taken part in the skit, Krishna and Sudama. Everything was going on smoothly when suddenly, I forgot my dialogues. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. But fortunately my teacher came up on the stage and helped me.
Name: Shubham Class: IV D

By participating in the assembly I got to learn so many things. I found my confidence level increased. I played the role of Rani’s friend in the skit based on Raksha Bandhan I learnt to say so many words fearlessly on the stage. I got to know so many things about history and it was the platform to share my knowledge with others. I got to work with students of other sections. It was great fun and I hope to get a similar opportunity in the future too.
Name: Vaishnavi Pandey Class: V D

I participated in the Jagriti House Assembly and the topic was Raksha Bandhan.I played the character of Rani Karamavati. I felt very nervous during the performance. My friends also participated with me and I felt that I could learn to enact well. I feel glad to be a part of Jagriti House. It will remain a memorable day for me.
Name: Prachi Gupta Class: V B

I participated in the school assembly skit based on the theme Raksha Bandhan and played the role of Senapati. I was very nervous initially as I had to learn many dialogues. I worked hard for the same. My teacher helped me to practice and perform well. IO did my act very nicely and felt very happy to be a part of the skit.
Name: Arshiya Tyagi Class: V D


The Middle Wing students participated in various assemblies with a range of diverse topics. Starting early in the month of July on 18/07/17, with the Topic ‘Respect Does not depend on Might’. The main focus of this assembly was to explain the topic Respect and its Importance and if you treat people right, they will treat you right.

Followed by the second assembly on 25/07/17, on the topic, ‘EK Kadam Shiksha Ke Or’. The topic, gave the idea of various educational drives run by the Indian Government, beneficial for one and all and about Right of Education for All. Next assembly was based on the topic ‘Unity is Strength’. It took place on 1/8/17. It emphasized on how unity is important not only for human beings but also for every creature on this earth. The most enjoyed by all was the next assembly on the topic, ‘Diversity of Various States of India’, which took place on 24/10/17. This was presented by the students, adorned in various costumes of different states in India, showcasing a signature dance step of the respective state they represented. Next topic added some moral value to the students mind frame, ‘Charity Begins At Home’, helped the children to understand that one should deal with the needs of people close to them before they think about helping others. This assembly was held on 31/10/17. With the last topic for the year, ‘Christmas Celebration’, held on 22/12/17, the students presented a vibrant assembly with musical presentations which showcased the birth of Jesus along with soothing and soulful carols.

Student’s Feedback

In our house assembly for ‘Ek Kadam Shiksha Ki Ore’ we came to know about the various schemes which are being run by the government. All these schemes have common aim of educating people by different ways. Assembly provided us with a lot of values too. I enjoyed the song on ‘Shiksha’. All the presentations were able to change the mentality of the students, who thought education is for few people only. At the end, we finished with a beautiful poem on ‘Shiksha’.
Name: Yash Duggar
Class: VIII C

We the students of Jagriti House presented an assembly on the topic “Ek Kadam Shiksha Ki Or.” Vikrant conducted the assembly very well. Everything went well and it was time for singing the song ‘Shiksha Ka Adhikar Aaya’ by two girls. It was a very beautiful song and the audience enjoyed it very much. I tried my best to speak well and I spoke with confidence. Our Assembly ended with the National Anthem.
Name: Vivek Kr. Verma Class: VIII C

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the skit for Jagriti House Assembly. Initially I was nervous, but our house captain helped me to overcome and I ended up playing one of the main characters in the skit. I was feeling on the top of the world after my presentation was over.
Name: Shreyash Class: VII C

My first assembly was in the month of August. Our theme was Unity in diversity. I conducted that assembly. It was my first experience but I was able to finish it off well. I was immensely appreciated by my teachers and friends. I also got a chance to be a part of the choir group for Carol Singing
Name: Tanmay Class: VIII C

I participated in a skit for Unity in diversity. It was the first time for me to take part in a skit. I learned that unity has more power as compared to an individual effort.
Name: Ripun Negi Class: VIIC

I liked the skits in the assemblies, as the children sometime don’t understand the long speeches or songs, but they can easily relate with the skit and understand the topic and the Values associated with it. I always enjoy these skits immensely.
Name: Ashwika Singh Class: VI-A

I have been a part of two assemblies for Jagriti house. The first one was “Ek kadam Shiksha ki or. In this assembly it was gratifying to learn about the schemes of govt. of India to improve education system at all levels in India. I conducted the assembly and it was a great experience.
Name: Anubhava Tripathi Class: VIII A


The Senior Wing students presented their first assembly on the topic ‘Celebrating the thought of Success and Excellence’ on 17/04/17, which helped each one to understand that, we should be committed to work whole heartedly and enthusiastically. They presented the idea through a skit based on the excerpt from the life of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, showing how the first satellite was put in orbit through his dedication and untiring hard work. His diligence and perseverance made him “THE MISSILE MAN” of India. The second topic of the assembly was ‘Good behavior in human interaction’ was presented on 30/10/17, which made the students realize that how a good behavior is very essential today to have a cordial relationship among all the humans. God has created all the humans equal, but we created rifts within ourselves on the basis of various social differences. They showed it through a Street play that how good behavior can change a person’s perception of looking at things and certain situation. Followed by the third topic, ‘Science and its possibilities’, presented on 27/11/17, the students presented their views by expressing how Science has become an integral part of human’s life. We cannot think of our lives without science because in our everyday life we are using the miracles of science.

Student’s Feedback

I was mesmerized to see the skit depicting the life and hard work of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The assembly was very inspiring as it showed the struggle to achieve the excellence. As a sapling needs water, sunlight and proper nourishment to develop into a tree, similarly success needs time, effort, hard work and dedication. The students participating in the assembly were very excited and enthusiastic. I learnt that difficulties in life are necessary to enjoy success. I was inspired by his struggle to achieve excellence.
Name: Mansi Nagar Class: X B

Through the morning Assembly, I was spellbound by depiction of life of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Through this I learnt, “If you want to shine like a star first burn like a star.” The assembly was a trademark of brilliance and excellence. It was revealing the motive i.e. will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential are the keys that unlock the door to personal excellence. The students who participated were filled with enthusiasm and zeal. Presenting and acting on the role model of India was not an easy task, the skit and the speech were really heart touching and showed the hard work of the students. It filled a ray of hope in the heart of the students and motivated them to excel in academics and co-curricular activities. It provided me an opportunity to enhance my personality.
Name: Gracy Saxena Class: X B

As we all know that science has done various miracles and has changed the course of human life. It has made us much advanced in term of living standard, education and in the field of health and medicine as well. Science has modernized us and now we can’t think of our lives without science, from our kitchen to the nuclear missiles, science has been our part and parcel of life. Science really has drastically changed our lives and perception to see things. I wonder how people lived in primitive times without using science and its discoveries. Through this valuable speech, I came to know that science has unfolded various secrets of the universe.
Name: Janvi Sharma Class: IX A

Good behaviour comprises of actions and responses acceptable and understood by society. They adhere to the norms of society, so to speak. The outcome of such behaviour is always positive and pleasant. We all know how good behaviour is an important aspect of our life. We can judge a person according to his behavior with others. Being a part of this morning assembly, I overcame from stage fear. Now I have become more confident and it has built my personality and taught me to have a good behaviour and to be better human being.
Name: Khushi Verma Class: IX C

List of House Mistresses

Primary Wing (I-V)
Class I Ms. Usha Bhatnagar
Class II Ms. Vinita Singh
Class III Ms. Indu Sharma
Class IV Ms. Nidhi Srivastava
Class V Ms. Paramjeet Pujara
Middle Wing (VI-VIII)
Class VI Ms. Deepti Banerjee
Class VII Ms. Neha Singhal
Senior Wing
Class IX Ms. Anupama Rai Gaur
Class X Ms. Rashmi Sinha

Prerna House Assembly Report

A school is an institution and like all other institutions in the world, it also needs to assemble and meet every day to carry out all of its functions. Morning assemblies are very good conventional gatherings to fulfill this purpose. Motivational school assembly programs encourage students to reflect on specific topics relevant to them as well as universal values such as respect, cooperation, and peace. Motivational assemblies are crucial in personal and social education as well as moral and cultural aspects of a curriculum. It covers topics that cannot be covered in traditional classroom settings.

At Ralli International School, morning assemblies develop school spirit, feeling of affiliation and unity among students. It encourages students to speak up and share their ideas and views. It helps the students to overcome their fear of stage, remove their shyness. It is one of the most important events of a school as it is the source of information on a mass level. Students get motivated with positive reinforcement in the form of praise or rewards in front of the whole school.

Prerna house students were fully absorbed during the whole year in presenting their talent and skills through the morning assemblies. They were divided into various wings and performed the topics given to them with the great zeal and enthusiasm and leaving a perfect impression on each and every individual witnessing these assemblies.

House In-charges

On13th of April 2017, primary wing students presented an assembly on the theme of ‘Baisakhi’. They made everyone aware of the importance of this regional festival and how people of Punjab and other parts of the country celebrate the harvest of rabi crop. Students performed a dance to celebrate the day. This instilled the feeling of oneness among them in spite of regional differences. On 19th April 2017, Second topic was ‘Good Manners and Good Habits’ where students presented a group act giving out the importance of sharing and caring and lending a helping towards others followed by the assemblies conducted in the month of April on themes of ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Love and Care’ and ‘Well Begun is Half Done’, students through these well thought themes not only got a platform to show their hidden talents and abilities but also earned fame in school through their active participation. In the month of on 2nd August and 9th August2017 , students presented their views, ideas and cultural programs on the national and cultural festivals on the theme, ‘Rakshabandhan’, ‘Janamashtmi’, ‘Independence Day’ where students presented colorful cultural program giving out the significance of these festivals. The other purpose was to make them understand about our Indian culture and festivals. On 24th August 2017, students presented another assembly on the theme of ‘Healthy Body and Healthy Mind’ where they presented their views on the importance of ‘Yoga’ in today’s hectic life schedule as it provide peace and relaxation to our mind and soul. On 20th December2017, students of Prerna House presented vivacious program on ‘Christmas’ and ‘Id- Ul- Zuha’. Lastly, they presented an assembly on 13th January 2017,on the theme of ‘Basant Panchmi’ where students offered their prayers to Maa Saraswati and told about the importance of gurus in our life as they help us to reach our aim through a skit.

Students’ Feedback:

I am happy to be a part of Prerna house as I got the golden opportunity to participate in the morning assemblies. I got a chance and presented a speech on “Mother Earth.” I was so happy that I conveyed a good message to all the students present there. Every assembly held, gave me lot of knowledge and I also enjoyed every moment of it.
Rohan Nair IV E

I have taken part in various activities till now. I was full of confidence when I came on stage. I performed a skit on “Healthy Body Healthy Mind” with other students. My teachers appreciated me. I was happy. Our team effort made assemblies a success and it was all possible with the great guidance and motivation by our respective house teachers.
Sahaj Gupta IV D

I always enjoyed participating for any event in the school but participation in the school assembly for my house, ‘Prerna’ was a beautiful experience. Although I was there in both the assemblies but the second one I liked the most where I had to play the role of a teacher, in a skit. I was very happy to be dressed up as a teacher and come on the stage to face my classmates. Apart from the skit, I read out the news headlines too. I did my role very nicely & enjoyed it very much.
Samaira Banerjee III A


The students of Middle Wing i.e. Classes VI-VIII showed more enthusiasm and zeal. An enchanting and mesmerizing morning was created by the students of Prerna House throughout the year.

On 11th April 2017 a skit was enacted by the students highlighting the significance of correct beginning on the theme ‘A Good Beginning Makes a Good End’ with an attempt to ignite the minds of the students to think better for the better future. On 18th April 2017 an assembly was conducted with theme based on ‘Anti-tobacco’ where students presented their ideas and gave a message to every individual present; they made everyone aware about the health problems created by tobacco. Every domain was picked up to foster overall development of child and the next assembly on29th August 2017 was held on the theme of ‘Values of Sports’. Sports not only help in developing mental strength but also enhance physical stamina’. Therefore, a theme based assembly on value of sports in students’ life. To depict such an important theme a nukkad natak and a beautiful dance was presented by the Prerna House students. On 5th September special assembly was conducted on the event of Teacher’s Day based on theme ‘Teacher is My Friend, Philosopher and Guide’, students showcased their love and gratitude towards their teachers through a mesmerizing dance performance on “Tum aasha vishwas hamare” and a beautiful song “We love you Teachers” which was enjoyed by the audience.

Every child was given the opportunity and the platform to display their talent and present themselves as individuals. Children exchange ideas and views about different aspects of their lives as well as the world around them. All the students worked in a team and showed their team spirit. Students were indeed rejuvenated and enthused by performing all these assemblies. They were surely significant and meaningful assemblies.

Students’ Feedback:

It was a very eventful time of the day. It made a good start to the whole day. I have learnt the importance of discipline, punctuality, responsibility, truthfulness and good behavior in our life. It was an immense pleasure to a part of these great and knowledgeable assemblies. I gained a lot of experience by being part of these assemblies.
Shruti Mondal VII- B

It establishes a positive tone for students and encourages positive involvement of all the students in running of the assembly. Through the assembly I have learnt that hard work is the only key to success and it builds character. I learnt to focus, to manage our time and resources and discipline which will help me in my near future.
Vaishnavi Choudhary VII- D

Morning Assembly is an important part of our school curriculum. Through this I got the platform to show my inner capabilities and bringing to the fore. I came to know about the dangerous effects of tobacco smoking which could lead to fatal diseases. Through this assembly I came to know a lot about the ill effects of tobacco and how it is ruining many lives.
Nikhil Kotecha VIII – C

“A teacher nourishes the soul of a child for a life time”. To commemorate Teacher’s Day special assembly was conducted on 5th Sep. 2017. We expressed our heartfelt emotions, sincere gratitude towards teachers though a beautiful song and dance. I am grateful to my teachers for being my guide and showing me the path of success and excellence.
Riddhi Agarwal VIII- B

It helped me to showcase my talent in front of my teachers and classmates. We presented a nukkad natak and a beautiful dance on the importance of sports. I came to know that sports develop our mental and physical toughness. It shapes our body and makes it strong and active. Sports are part and parcel of our lives and we should always play sports to stay healthy and follow healthy lifestyle.
Sneha Singh VII – C


The Senior Wing gave their best for assemblies. They worked really hard to spread the message which their assemblies were carrying

On 1st May 2017, Prerna house presented an assembly on the topic-“Without Hard work nothing grow except weed”, where students of Prerna House presented their views on how hard work leads to success. Through the motivational skit students tried to inculcate the values that nothing is possible without hard work. It has no substitute and no short cuts. They showed how a boy from a poor family worked hard to achieve his aim in life and others who made fun of him now worked under him and realized the value of hard work. Another important aspect of life which is inevitable was shown by the students on 17th July 2017 on the topic- “Problems are part of life”, where students presented riddles related to the important and famous personalities who faced hardship in their life but came out and achieved their aims with flying colors.

Society is not worth if women are not part of it. It can never develop until they try to uplift the women and consider them as equal to men. Students presented the mesmerizing and inspiring dance on21st August 2017 on the theme ‘The Role of women and their importance in the society’. They are as powerful as men and we cannot think of the world where there are no women. Above all, the students got the chance to come on stage which is very important. It helps in developing their personality. It created a miraculous confidence in them


A student is like clay which can be moulded anyway .However the school is the one which prepares and mould the clay with education and knowledge of outer world. Through the assembly participation I got to learn many new things. Even I came to know about my hidden talents, my strengths and weaknesses. Earlier I did not want to participate in any stage skits. But through these assemblies my confidence level boosted up and now I enjoy participating in assemblies. Every assembly imbibed new ethics and moral values in me. I got to learn that “Hardwork is the key to success”. “Women Empowerment’, ‘Hardwork’, “Problems are the part and parcel of life’. Such topics boosted me to awareness and enlightment. Taking initiative to participate in assemblies is a privilege to me.
Pankhuri Srivastav X-A

School is the place which imparts education to the forthcoming generations. School is the house of education where we learn moral values, good etiquettes. Our school has a good system of arranging morning assemblies. These morning assemblies refresh us every morning. Morning assemblies help us gain confidence in oratory skills and incorporate team work. We get opportunities to showcase our talents. Prayers help us to rejuvenate our mind and inculcate positivity in us. They broaden our outlook towards the world. I got several opportunities to represent my innate feelings and talents before all. Morning assemblies are great learning experience for me.
Tanishq Sharma X-A

Being the part of different assemblies has been a great memorable experience for me. It has helped me to overcome my stage fear and made me open to the people. Working with team has always been tough for me but I realized that it’s not that hard if you have the team spirit within you. On the other side, I cannot forget the moral values that have changed my thinking and my sight. The ways of solving problems has become easier, being more attracted towards hardwork and caring about nature. Morning assemblies have broadened my outlook towards the world. I have gained a lot from these assemblies.
Tarangini Saini IX-C

Morning Assemblies hold great importance in my life. I am a student of class X and I have been given a number of opportunities to express my views & present my talent before masses through various presentations. “There is no great sailor who did not undergo storms in life.” Challenges and problems are a part of life as they enhance the quality of life by bringing one’s own quality in front of oneself. Through these assemblies I learnt that the problems are opportunities in disguise. One should always have optimistic approach towards problems. These challenges make me feel stronger self-reliable and tolerant. The teamwork and togetherness reflects in all acts enacted by us. Through day to day topics these assemblies have helped me to bring in much more positivity and helped me in broadening my views. Now, I believe that a problem free life may be easy to live but hardships provide more strength and patience to live an adventurous life.
Srishti Gupta X-A

House Masters

Primary Wing:
Class I Ms. Shipra Bhatnagar
Class II Ms. Shilpa Jindal
Class III Ms. Akanksha Wadhia
Class IV Ms. Anjuli Gautam
Class V Ms. Payal Khasnobis
Middle Wing:
Class VI Ms. Radhika Kwatra
Class VII Ms. Santoshi Rawat
Class VIII Ms. Radha Bisht
Middle Wing:
Class- IX& X Ms. Asha Mehra

Shakti House Assembly Report

When ambition fuels your desire to succeed, you're virtually unstoppable.
There's this undeniable hunger that leads you to passionate action,
this Shakti, is the rightful act of doing that leads to achieving.

Shakti House through this wonderful launchpad (House Assemblies) endeavored to create an inexplicable aura of simplicity and modesty where our kids gained an insight that arrogance and pomp and show will not fetch us anything rather one must try to be selfless and benevolent giver. To make our kids paint canvas of their life with amazingly vibrant values every theme was delicately picked up to brim them up with the thought that it is the power within them that helps to rise above any situation, and transform into the Brightest, Strongest version of them EVER!”.

Well planned, thematic morning assemblies not only ground the students to offer prayer to Almighty but also empowered them to deepen their connection towards increasing their interest in school activities. Shakti House students performing student-talks, skits, nukkad natak on several topics also reading current news headlines, and speaking thought of the day, purely ignited the young minds. The aura reverberated with the echo of Jai Hind as a daily ritual bring in them sense of connectivity to their motherland which is an exclusive event here at Ralli.

The most astonishing factor to be marked is no child left out policy wherein the Head House Incharges made sure that every child participates and gets harnessed , thus living to a vision of imbibing meaningful and practical education so that the students can better understand the “big picture” of their learning and school life.

Primary Wing

In a bid to nurture the growth and development of young children and enhance their confidence, the year started with the theme of Love and Respect for our country, a perfect head-start, this thematic assembly was conducted by students of Class I on 26th July 2017 to show love and respect for the country, its flag and above all for the citizens of the country thus driving in kids, the sense of devoted love, support, defence of one’s country, being loyal to the country, having a sense of pride for the country. Keeping all this in mind, the students showcased their talents through dance, songs, skit, and thought of the day. Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate the glorious culture, heritage and tradition of the country, the festivals like Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti, were portrayed beautifully with skit and dances by the Shakti House students of Class I, II .They enthralled the audience with their messages explaining their importance and how they can be passageway to lead a wonderful life.

Here, at Ralli International School, we understand the importance of being Ecofriendly therefore, the students of Class II presented an assembly on Be an Ecofriendly Child , 26th July 17 signifying that how important it is that all help to look after the Environment and the Earth through a well-presented skit and musicals.

As we all know that a mother has very special place in the heart of her kids, so little angles of Class III were therefore rendered with the platform where they were made to express their feelings and emotion through rhymes, some lines of Hindi or English poem to honour their mothers as well as respect her motherhood as a part of our planned assembly Mother-My Best Friend on 4th May 17.

We believe that school assembly programs are important aspects of a curriculum too as it has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive school culture that stress on interpersonal intelligence. With this aim Class –IV presented an assembly emphasizing Dignity of Labour on 11th May 17. The assembly included Morning Prayer, Speeches, News and role play by students reflecting importance of various occupations and the philosophy that all types of jobs are respected equally, and no occupation is considered superior.

A seed sown in our country by Gandhi ji is now growing into a tree, to bring about the realization of the same, an assembly on Swacch Bharat on 5th October was planned wherein a skit showcasing how one should be cautious about cleanliness was the focus. Next, to reinforce the spirit of Truthfulness amongst the students, the assembly was planned with an attempt to nudge them in the right direction. The students carried placards with the message of Truthfulness. The exercise aimed to help students be reminded and to reflect upon to place of speaking truth in their lives.

Student’s Feedback

The assembly on Love and Respect for our country helped me to feel proud to be an Indian. My friends presented a dance that we all enjoyed followed by an inspiring speech. I now have tons of reasons to love my country.
Name : Ayan Garg Class : I A

Playing the role of Guru Nanak ji in our morning assembly was my dream come true. The assembly started with shabad kirtan ‘Ek Omkar Satnaam’ .Me and my friends through our act presented how Guruji has shown us the path of peace and harmony. I would like to thank my teachers for believing in me and making it possible.
Name : Arnav Tandon Class: II A

We celebrated Mother’s Day in our school with great joy and zeal. As a part of the assembly our mother teacher asked us to recite poems dedicated to our mother. I also presented a beautiful poem all written by me to express my feelings and love towards her. Through this activity I realized her significance in making us a better being.
Name : Kanishk Sharma Class : III C

On a bright sunny morning, we observed an assembly on Swacch Bharat, theme and sang a beautiful song in chorus, swaying everybody to its melodious tune. I felt captivated and felt special about my significant role in smooth functioning of assembly.
Name: Aqsa Class: IV A

I was given the opportunity to lead the Shakti House Assembly. Through this initiative we, the Shakti House students tried to enhance values of cleanliness and ways to control land and air pollution, I had dressed up neatly and spoke very confidently on the stage. All the teachers praised me. I felt motivated and look forward to participate in further events.
Name: Aditya Singh Class: IV B

Middle Wing

The middle wing of the school started the new session with the first assembly to create awareness about the importance of hard work-‘Work is Worship’ on 29/04/17. The students were able to witness the importance of doing work judiciously in life through the skit presented. In continuity ‘Health and Happiness-An Amazing combination’ was the next theme to correlate happiness with health .It was held on 9/05/17 .The speech about the topic affected children’s belief about health and happiness which co-related towards leading a better life. Besides academics the theme- ‘Skill is an integral part of life’ was highlighted on 11/07/17. The house students were given the opportunity and the platform to display their talent through a humorous skit “Palindrome”, where they enthused the students with their dramatic skills. This platform helped the children to realize the importance of being skilled in life and to inculcate a disciplined and good social behavior. The first morning of October started with a stimulating morning of Gandhi Jayanti held on 3/10/17. It was observed on a different scale as the Class VIII organized Kavi Sammelan where in students presented short poetries using laughter as a tool for bringing about a reflection of the kind of man Gandhiji actually was .The assembly on “Clean India Green India” held on 10/10/17 reflected the message of importance of cleanliness and greenery through a Nukkad Natak which could add on to the social values and awareness to keep our Country Clean. A special assembly was conducted on 17/10/17 to create awareness and to motivate the students to celebrate “Diwali” in an ecofriendly manner. The students were sensitized to plant a sapling and to go green. The students also made an appeal to refrain from fire crackers and become “Beyond the ordinary” to justify the motto of the school. Students were really rejuvenated and enthused by performing all the assemblies.

Student’s Feedback

I am really obliged to my teachers who have given me the chance to be a part of school assembly. I learned that we should not waste our time and work hard to reach our goal. Utilization of time judiciously is very important as it leads to a successful life.
Name : Anushka Gupta Class VI – C

It was an honour for me to deliver an intriguing speech on health and happiness – an amazing combination. I learned many benefits of Yoga. I am delighted to share that it was a learning experience for me. I have started doing Yoga on a regular basis as it had uplifted my physical strength and I also recommend the same to my friends.
Name :Tushti Class :VII B

I participated in school assembly as an anchor of Shakti House. It was an excellent experience for me as I now feel more confident to speak up on stage. I learned team bonding during the preparation of our house assembly .With the help of my teachers I was able to speak fluently in front of the audience. I also look forward to take part in extra-curricular activities and groom my personality.
Name :Shambhavi Class : VIIC

Shakti House special assembly was an eye opener for me. I got to know the real meaning of Diwali. I understood that the essence of Diwali is not bursting crackers, but in sharing and distributing what we have, with those who are less priviledged. I took a pledge to gift the humanity oxygen, by planting a sapling, in place of smoke and dust by bursting crackers. It has left an indelible mark on my life.
Name :JiyaArora Class : VII A

It was a great experience being the narrator of the skit on the theme – skill is the integral part of life. This is something that has always fascinated me. I was even given the opportunity to go ahead with the dialogue of the Mother and Goddess in the script. I learnt to intonate and bring about variation in my speech. This was the nicer way as the hassles related to mike were sorted out. I really enjoyed my part and look forward to such great experiences further.
Name :Sanya Class :VIIIC

Diwali ! The festival of light brings a glow, gleam and glee on the faces of all. The special assembly created awareness and motivated me throughout. Being the part of the skit in the assembly was a great experience. Being inspired by it, I celebrated CRACKER FREE DIWALI and planted a sapling on Diwali to contribute to the environment.
Name :Disha Srivastava Class :VII A

Senior Wing

Today, students often enter the doorway of school with emotional stress, anxiety and frustration, so with the aim of reducing that stress and anxiety the senior students organised an assembly based on ‘Yoga as the system of meditation’ on 8/5/17 . This lead to the calmness in the mind and developed conscious level of students that helped them to study well, after all better education is necessary for all to go ahead in the life and get success.

Education” is “knowledge” and Knowledge is power, knowledge is change, knowledge is progress, knowledge is everything! So, through a talk show, students elucidated their views on “Education is for knowledge and skill is for life”. The talk show which was held on 24/7/17 was loved and applauded by the audience. Knowledge is important in all the walks of the life and helps us to chart our decisions.

The Shakti House students took the initiative to spread the knowledge and awareness about the culture and diversity of India. The diversity in every aspect of society serves as a source of strength and wealth. Indian dance and drama are the brilliant examples of unity in diversity. They are regarded as the mode of aesthetic expression but they all symbolize “One India”. The expression is different but the theme is the same and to show the same theme our students organized a beautiful assembly “Incredible India” on 23/10/17. Our students performed three classical dances: Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Oddissi that showed glimpses of Indian culture and tradition.

The assembly portrayed that these traditional forms are part of our history, culture and folklore and it is essential to practice and preserve them for future generation. Thus, assemblies are the best way to hone the oratory skills of the students, gives them the chance to create their own niche and challenges them to perform variety of activities and accomplish them with great results.

Student’s Feedback:

I have always being fascinated by stage since my childhood and what else could be better than our school stage to showcase our talent. Realizing the same, I had made it a point to participate in diverse events be it drama, sports, dance, mono acts .The way the school has picked up things to prepare school assemblies have been a great endeavour to boost the moral and confidence of the students.
Name :Manyata Pandey Class : IX C

The assembly conducted by Shakti House had always left us captive and mesmerised. To lift the spirits high our house had performed concoctions of dance, drama. We have tried to touch many aspects such as Yoga, Education and many more. In one of the assembly we were asked to do some yoga asanas that was very beneficial for us. In the same way through these assemblies we learn so many other things that our parents and teachers keep on repeating and these things thus become engraved on our mind.
Name :Moulik Jain Class : X A

Our morning assembly is the first thing before the classes begin. Morning assembly is a time of peace and quiet and when everyone gathers at one place and joins hands to praise the God for providing us with a whole new day. Morning assemblies in our school are very interesting and had taught us so many things like discipline, selfcontrol also it gives us a platform to remove our stage fear and gain more confidence.
Name :Iram Fatima Class : X B

I am thankful to my house incharges for being so cooperative and understanding. I am grateful to them for giving me chance to perform in one of the assemblies. I participated in the assembly on the theme ‘Incredible India’. Being shy in nature I always had the fear of performing in front of the audience but my teacher’s constant support and motivation enabled me to perform successfully.
Name : Divyansha Kherwal Class: IX C

The best part of our school is morning assemblies. In our school several assemblies were conducted based on knowledge, yoga, environment and Honesty, these presentations enhanced our knowledge. Each time the whole assembly was presented in different form be it in the form of skit, dance, music, talk show and so on. These assemblies cannot be prepared without students’ creativity and teachers’ hard work. I felt glad to be a part of these assemblies.
Name : Anu Yadav Class : X B