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It is frequently asked, how Ralli International School enables its students to have cutting edge above the rest and how it is 'Beyond the Ordinary'. The answer is simple because reality does not require proof. Our students are exposed to the National (based on tested Vedic era) and International (based on modern technology) curriculum by trained and specialized faculty amidst a world class infrastructure. This gives them the cutting edge, especially when they spend long time on weekends in the school. We are beyond the ordinary because we offer variety and mix of curriculum which makes the difference, we always lay equal emphasis on academics and extra curricular activities. The calendar of activities is dotted with many events and competitions that are inclusive and participatory in nature for all the students of school. We also believe in 100 percent participation of school students in school functions like Annual day, Sports Day thus enabling each and every student to come on stage and perform. Special class wise assemblies are held to further give opportunity to students to come on the stage. We understand that every child is Unique. We do not ask "why" but "why not"? We have a set of young, visionary minds at the helm. We encourage creativity and arts as much as science and commerce. The underprivileged, marginalized and differently abled students are a part of the main stream. We believe that the delicate balance of nature is in young hands and we educate them accordingly. We believe that by embracing students from all religions we only reinforce our nation's 'Unity in Diversity'.