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Beyond the Ordinary


“Push your boundaries Beyond the Ordinary;
Be that Extra in Extraordinary.”
-Roy T. Bennett

Ralli International School follows the motto of ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ with the ambition to represent itself as not an ordinary institution but an extraordinary place of learning. It targets in creating the ‘beyond ordinary’ individuals who go way beyond the everyday, challenging perceptions and explode the stereotypes.


“A School is a building with diverse rules
Some are noticed while few duels.
Thousands memories, a building carries
Each pupil’s experience is varies.”

Ralli International School was established more than a decade ago with a vision to successfully build good characters through imparting education. It intended towards the harmonious development of the intellectual’sphysical, emotional, spiritual, social, moral and aesthetical sides and proved to be pretty successful in the past.

The school follows the aim that ‘one who has true knowledge cannot be other than virtuous’ and maintains the real spirit of education.


The flamboyant architecture of the school’s building is not only impressive but alsonever fails to mesmerize its visitors. The huge open reception area adds to its charm and benevolence. The school’s circulation area is a remarkable feature of the building with wide corridors, apposite stairwells & huge and ventilated classrooms. The natural landscape and foliage all around the school makesits environment more sprightly and fresh.


The school is equipped with all contemporary gadgets required for modern education & with all essential facilities like an updated, spaciousand admirable library with decent stock of books. Each classroom is provided with smart boards to enhance permanent learning & making it more effective through audio visuals. There are 3 spacious Computer laboratories&3 Science laboratories each of which are meticulously made to cater all the needs of the students & their progressive learning. Sports amenities are even taken careequivalently with the provision of vast playground with an extensive playing area prepared with swings, outdoor concrete basketball court, indoor games area for playing Table Tennis, chess etc. The special areas defined for extra- curricular activities like dancing, singing, painting, learning musical instruments are also a notable feature of the building. Above all,the awe-inspiring & resplendent auditorium with proper acoustic paneling & air conditioning becomes the magnificent element of the entire school building.


Ralli International School is alighthouse of education, bestowing knowledge as well as ethical conduct upon all its students. In the past, academically, the students have excelled with better grades each year. Each passed out batch has added sheen & a spark to the schools’ achievements slope. The school does not solely focus on academic performance, rather, it emphasizes on the overall development of its students and hence the co-curricular activities are treated with equal stature here.The school provides various platforms for the students to participate, keep encouraging its students to perform and also mentor them at each step so that they achieve successfully. Students get a chance to explore their capabilities &learn various skills.


“It is the supreme art of the teacher
to awaken joy in creative expression & knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein

The school attributes to have the most efficient, provocative, enthusiastic and knowledgeableeducatorswho give time to each child to grow at their own pace and instill confidence in them. They are qualified to dedicatedly nurture good values, morals &self-motivation in each of their students.

The school has very cooperative administration staff members who are proficient enough to greet its visitors in the most effective manner.

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