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“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

Ralli International School, Indirapuram, a reputed institution was founded by the Honorable Chairman Shri Surinder Kumar Ralli, a great motivator, author and an optimistic educator, in the year 2008.

We all have happy memories of our childhood. We have enjoyed reading books with friends, sharing meals, playing team games. We treasured the most insignificant gifts we received; and we derived happiness from all of it. Happiness came naturally to us as a child. But as adults today we often have to re-learn the art of being happy.

At Ralli International School, our first and foremost effort is to make it a happy place for children. A teacher’s welcoming smile and a positive and supportiveenvironment for learning. The parents play a vital role to the learning process, as they can create a sense of life without inducing stress or anxiety. We actively address common factors causing stress such as over indulgence in technology, peer pressure and problems dealing with failure.

It is amomentous year 2020-2021; a year that saw more changes and experiences than in any year in recent memory but a year in which we experienced so many new things, learnt to explore an unknown world of technology, the firm belief that the show must go on and the love and faithfulness of the god in so many wonderful ways.

We at Ralli International School recognize the values of academics and all the teaching staff ensures that classes are interesting and students learn all that will help them to become successful.Well-equipped science labs and libraries, smart boards and the computer labs, help the teachers to use innovative methods and keep the students absorbed in the subjects they are learning.

A constructive environment can do wonders for eliminating negativity and encouraging healthy thoughts as students tackle new learning challenges and opportunities. At home, we request parents to spend quality time with their children, wherein there is time to read to them and to have a general discussion on day to day happenings. There is also a need to check and monitor children while they use the Internet, mobile phones or play video games.

The ambience and classrooms are alive with thinking activities and group dynamics. Our aim is to tell, our students to not stop at acquiring information, but to think about how they can act as responsible citizens. We hope that engaging in issues and various activities will help our children rise above apathy. We believe that involved students alone can become active global citizens.

While the students go from class to class, the school aims to make students take each experience as ‘experience for life’. Ralli International School is a school that cares. Our endeavor is to make students learn how to take each event with equanimity be it positive or negative. Counselling and understanding is always available for our students. If they succeed, they experience joy, if they stumble, they learn to pick themselves up and move on. And this is what true education is all about.

Our focus is on building resilience in our children so that they are well equipped to deal with emotional issues. Besides focusing on academics we equip our children with life skills emphasising on nurturing goodness, empathy and sensitivity. We teach children to value friendship and build relationship within the school community. Above all we teach our children to learn without fear. Our children learn to respect, be tolerant and not be afraid of making mistakes.

Treating children as individuals with distinct personalities and nurturing their talents is the best way to ensure that children enjoy every part of school.

“If you’ve had a happy childhood,
Nobody can take that away from you.’
                  - Agatha Christie

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