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Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths Lab

Ralli International School intends to sow the seeds of scientific temper and mathematical skills, in the minds of the student right from their impressionable age. It has developed separate and full-fledged labs of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, as these subjects are not only based on theoretical learning but practical applications as well. The laboratories are well equipped with modern and latest equipments. Labs function as Research and Development Centres in the school. Teachers and students enjoy the freedom to observe, experiment, analyse and create. Children have excellent time during practical classes at Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths Labs. With guidance from the teachers, they discuss and exchange different approaches to conduct the practical classes, adopt experimental modes of learning and occasionally enjoy lighter moments during practical sessions.

The Science Laboratory is also well equipped for classroom instructions. The projects made by students are helpful in class room instructions. The theory class is supplemented by a wide range of specimens. An array of slides and jar specimens ranging from bacteria to parasitic or insectivorous plants stimulate the minds of all age group. The well attended discussions and seminars where projector slides are shown, help the students to understand the basic concepts. The availability of well stacked and labelled chemicals and assortment of equipments help the students. The curriculum at Ralli International School helps the students to develop science skills through keen observation in the areas of scientific theories, life processes, materials and their physical and chemical properties. Students are given proper demonstrations and are expected to conduct these experiments as stipulated in their curriculum. The students are taken out on field trips for plant collection for their herbarium. Innovatively designed full-fledged Math lab makes learning this subject interesting and simple. Students along with their teachers are encouraged to conduct internal and external science symposia as well as science fairs. An exclusive model room is created to make models and presentations during their science projects and science exhibitions. Talented students are trained and encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads.

Computer Lab

Today, all over the world, Information and Communication Technology has become an integral part of the lifestyle. Ralli International School integrates Information Technology into the curriculum, with the state-of-the-art computer laboratory that has latest hardware and software with high-speed Internet connectivity. There is a very healthy student system ratio of 1:1. Faculty assists the students to browse the Internet in a filtered way to gather information relating to their subjects, projects in hand and also to update their knowledge.

Ralli International School emphasis is on technology intensive teaching. To meet challenges and prepare students for the ever evolving knowledge based society, the school keeps a constant pace with the advancements being made in the field of information technology. The educational technologies that employ projectors and audio visual aids are the versatile tools which are used to assist learning in all areas. The child’s understanding is at a sensory perceptual level, thus the children best understand things which they can hear, see and feel. Ralli International School has also introduced Smart Class arrangement with M/s Educomp Solutions Ltd. in classrooms.

What is a Smart Class?

Educomp smart class is a technology oriented initiative for schools. It provides tools and content for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich media presentations for teacher led classroom learning. Educomp smart class modules supplement other resources such as the textbooks. The modules available cover important topics that are suitable for exposition using rich media. In addition, there are interactive elements that students can directly use to check their own learning material. Educomp smart class program helps school to integrate technology in the day to day life of teachers and students right inside their classrooms and affect significant part of teaching and learning in the academic sessions. The program enables teachers to use digital resources such as graphics, animations, 3D, images and video clips. This results in a completely new multi sensory learning experience for students and helps them to improve their academic performance. Content available consist of sound and visually rich curriculum resources mapped and customized as per the school scheme of Work. Classrooms are equipped with interactive electronic white boards system with LCD projection system with a computer which is connected to a dedicated Smart Class Knowledge Centre inside the school campus through campus structure Ethernet network. A trained programme administrator is employed by Educomp to ensure real time technical training support for the teachers. The knowledge centre is equipped with a vast library of digital resources mapped to the school syllabus. The teachers will use the digital resources such as animations, video clips and simulated models as part of their period to teach specific topics in smart class rooms, enabling a multi sensory learning experience for students. The learning becomes easier and interesting because of audio visual media and practical demonstration of all the chapters become effective to the student.


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