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Core Value

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking,

thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great.”

- A P J Abdul Kalam

We all recognize the importance of school education in providing learning, creativity and education. Education is about more than knowledge, skills and paper qualifications. Moral principles and a positive view of the world and its people play as much of a part in daily school life as the educational outcomes, important as they undoubtedly are.

Ralli International School symbolises perfection in its spacious and modern infrastructure which is a great amalgamation of aesthetics and architectural excellence. The entire premises is designed to nurture and facilitate the students to find a secure and healthy environment. The expansive reception, the large airy rooms, fully furnished laboratories, well equipped library, spacious and separate rooms for art & craft, music & dance, theatre and safe transport boarding area makes it unusual and remarkable. Predominantly the proficient and seasoned teaching staff teaming with professionally trained counsellors and the functionaries performing official duties make the school exemplary and ultimate.

At Ralli International School, Indirapuram, we encourage our students to be creative thinkers and confident humanitarians. Since the school was founded on moral principles, our students learn their lessons in an informal and supportive setting before going on to live their moral lessons for the rest of their lives. That is why education in Ralli International School begins here and lasts a life time.No education is complete unless it is built on a value system that becomes a way of life for students. As said by Dalai Lama:

“When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Ralli International School trains the students to respect and be respected, to be honestand upright, to grow up and take their place in society as young ladies and gentlemen. They will be men and women who will be recognized not only for their contribution to their country, but for their ability to be sensitive to the needs of others.

The school has always focused on building healthy minds of our children that will enable them to lead happy lives. Education includes components like self- awareness and care, skill in reducing stress and anxiety. Ralli International School encourages creative and critical thinking. We focus on holistic education for the all-round development of the student, foster creativity, uphold Indian culture and traditions and at the same time aim to create responsible Indian Citizens of the future with a modern outlook and strong sense of purpose.

Ralli International School echoes with the tremendous energy. There is a beautiful amalgamation of different constructive energies like coordination in various dance activities, the raw muscle power on the sports field, melodious voices in music sessions, and the strokes of colours in Art activities and skilful movement of fingers in the work experience activities. The quiet and palpable energy of students produces a positive attitude that manifests as a complete individual with a progressive attitude.

Overcoming negative attitude in students is a challenge for the school, as we want to build a holistic individual. Negative thinking is like a giant wall. It closes one in, keeps a person from accomplishing goals, and blocks him from moving forward in life- whether it be learning, growing, or obtaining happiness. It is therefore important that at school we identify such behaviour and convert it to positive. The target of Ralli International School is on overall development rather than only creating academic geniuses.

We are so proud of our children; so happy that the 13 years we had spent in teaching values are well received and that they are equipped to face the world beyond the school. Ralli International School is prepared to deal with a generation that needs to be well equipped with multiple skills. Children today face a challenging world that is more materialistic, where values are very conflicted and technology permeates every aspect of life.

It is a documented fact that effective learning gives happiness in a non-threatening and non-judgemental environment. Children need acceptance, tolerance, motivation encouragement and acknowledgement from both parents and teachers.

Ralli International School believes and agrees with George Evans that-

“Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.”

The school is committed to create a caring and safe atmosphere which promotes emotional, social and academic development. Our classroom programmes offer opportunities to children in engaging in a range of cultural, sporting activities. The teachers adopt new ways to teach. Concepts are cleared with the use of analogies, models, graphics and modules. Students are encouraged to talk about, describe, explain and elaborate what they learn through a holistic approach.

The school provides such an environment of learning through discipline. The school management religiously believes in bringing up a child in today’s world where there is too much influence of media, internet and social networking sites by creating an environment where children feel happy, secure and can thrive because this is the very foundation of good learning. More than a subject, value education has to be an attitude within the whole teaching practice, involving the entire staff of the school and parents in a common shared endeavour.

Ralli International School hopes that we are guided by God’s grace and blessings in our effort to raise young people who take responsibility for their own actions and for the world around.

“Let us make a future now, andlet us make, our dreams tomorrow’s reality.”

- Malala Yousafzai


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