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Investiture Ceremony

29th JULY 2017

Organizing Team : Nivedita Das, Ms. Vibhuti Jassal, Ms. Nidhi Mehta

Creative Team: Stage setup and performances : Art and Music Faculty,

Master of Ceremony: Ms. Anupama Rai Gaur

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

The Investiture Ceremony of Ralli International School for the academic session 20172018 was held with great pomp and dignity in a special ceremony at the school auditorium. The event was presided over by the Chairman Sir Sh. Surinder Kumar Ralli, Director Sir Siddharth Ralli & the school Principal Neha Ralli Ma’am. It was conducted with the high degree of earnestness and passion. The Investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. The ceremony was held with lots of zeal and zest. It was commenced with Marching of the student council, took their positions on the stage eager to take on the new responsibilities that they were going to be entrusted with. The lighting of the lamp was followed by a group song “Marching Forward to victory” by the student council.

Each council member; the Head Boy, Head Girl, the Sports Captain and each of the House Captains were also honored with the sashes and badges by the Chairman Sir-Shri Surinder Kumar Ralli, Director Sir- Mr. Siddharth Ralli and Principal Ma’am- Mrs Neha Ralli. After this, the ceremonial oath was administered by the Chairman Sir to the council members to discharge their duties with sincerity and fulfill everyone's expectations followed by the inspirational speech encouraging the student council to work better and to work in sync with the mission of school “Beyond the ordinary”. After the oath taking ceremony, the student council performed a group dance on ‘I Arise’.

The students of the school were awarded with the scholars badge for their remarkable performance in the session 2016-17 by Director Sir and Principal Ma’am.

The investiture ceremony concluded with the national anthem, a chorus of congratulations and with the dawn of new responsibilities for the young leaders to fulfill.

–By Anupama Rai Gaur

Students’ Experience:

  • Being a student for 6 long years in Ralli International School, I can assuredly say that it is the best institution to be in. I consider myself to be fortunate as I’ve been given such a great opportunity to hold the flag of Ralli International School by being the Head Boy. It is a matter of extreme honor. It is not about the position or the title but it is about action and example which can make a difference. I stand here as a leader not just to lead the fellow students but to work in collaboration with each one of them to achieve the best for our school. I promise to work hard with all my zeal, devotion and determination. I will try my best and work persistently for the excellence of our school.

    - HARSHIT GUPTA (Head Boy)

  • My father has always told me that education is not just about acquiring a degree, but it’s that essence of life which makes us a civilized person by the means of widening our knowledge and absorbing the truth about life. I feel elated to say that Ralli International School has given me this chance. A chance to stand out; a chance to be identified; AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE HEAD GIRL! My journey from a new comer to the Head Girl has been pragmatic and this was possible only by the support of my amazing teachers and pulsating efforts of the school management. It has been great to be a part of ‘RIS family’.

    DIKSHA TYAGI(Head Girl)

  • It is an honor to be a Sports Captain of Ralli International School. The school has entrusted me with a great responsibility. I am very happy to serve my school. This responsibility has enhanced my leadership quality. I am thankful to Chairman Sir, Principal Ma’am, Co-curricular coordinator and specially Physical Education teachers who gave me this great opportunity. School provides lots of sports opportunities to students so that they can be a good sportsperson. I pledge to do my best for the school being a Sports Captain.

    -SHIVAM KUMAR (Sports Captain)

  • To say I have followed every rule every line of our school would not be quite true, but I always tried to maintain discipline in our school. Saying that no one was more surprised than me when I was shouldered with responsibility of being the House Captain of Shakti House. Being a house captain is more than just wearing a badge and having something to put on your uniform. It means taking a neutral ground in disputes, no matter who is involved and to take decisions which are accepted by all. I have to set an example, not only to the prefects but to the school as well .I have been given the responsibility to maintain discipline and peace in the school. At last I would like to say that the day I got this badge is the best moment of my life.

    -NANCY SARAN (House Captain)

ralli Investiture Ceremony
ralli Investiture Ceremony
ralli Investiture Ceremony


ralli Investiture Ceremony
ralli Investiture Ceremony
ralli Investiture Ceremony


ralli Investiture Ceremony
ralli Investiture Ceremony
ralli Investiture Ceremony