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Founder's Day

27th April 2017

10th Founder’s Day Celebration


Concept & Introduction : Ms. Neelam

Creative Team : Music: Ms. Anupam Singh, Ms. Swati Das, Mr. P.K. Jha

Dance : Ms. Neelam, Ms. Yashna

Stage Decoration : Ms. Shweta Bhardwaj, Ms. Bindu Prajapati, Ms. Vijeyta, Mr. Ajay

Co-ordination : Ms. Nivedita Das

Master of Ceremonies : Ms. Shweta Mathur; Ms. Khwaish Singh (Class VIII)

Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but of moments...

To celebrate this moment of success and steadfast journey, the Rallians geared up to observe its 10th Foundation Day. ‘It is always important to look back where we come from’ and to make Rallians reminisce and honour the school’s establishment; this auspicious day was observed with great verve and spirit. The day started with Hawan, not merely a ritual at RIS but a simple and healthy process to purify the atmosphere, to cleanse our body, mind and soul of all sins, to keep our spirits high like Agni and developing ethical values in students. The cultural event was commenced thereafter by lighting of ceremonial lamp by the Honourable dignitaries followed by an inspirational play “Main Kalam Hoon” the aura of which was created by the girls in swirling robes who performed Ghoomar , one of the legacies of Rajput royalty. Their long embroidered ghagras flared up and twirled and colours flashed brilliantly. The girls dressed in resplendent and voluminous costumes moved smoothly and gracefully in circles to the beats of evocative and soulful music. The girls set their feet to fast rhythm and striking beats and displayed individual performances but with the crescendo, they danced together and displayed a rare co-ordination of footwork and hand gestures as they gyrate to the impassioned song. The highlight of the dance was the costume adorned by the girls to bring out the effect of their spin that left everyone captive. The entire set of performances were encapsulated by the plot that showcased a poor Rajasthani boy, who is inspired by the life of the former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and his strong desire to learn & read and was a perfect combination of enthralling acts and melodies.

The play not only triggered everyone present there to think again and again about what we can do with our life but also beautifully depicted the inner parts of Rajasthan marvellously covering the colours and flavours of state with perfect concept and use of props. Kids even did their job flawlessly, presenting their individual characters and much to everybody’s surprise, the amalgamation of Rajasthani slang with perfectly written dialect was a real treat. The energy and passion of the students and the teachers was clearly evident in the performances that they put up. The choreography, rhythm, synchronisation and presentation of all the students were par excellence. The happiness of the children was amply evident with applause.

The Honorable Chairman also reminisced about the progress the school had made during these years and acknowledgements were made to several persons who had helped in that effort by recognizing their contribution made in the learning process and the Best Teacher Award was also given. He also expressed his happiness to see old traditions being maintained in tandem with modernization in school as well. The celebrations made the dignitaries appreciate such fabulously well written, sensible and an eye-opener play and the School’s Chairman also complemented the efforts laid by the teachers and the activity co-ordinators and added that -

Our society teaches us that you cannot change your destiny or fate as some people call it. But the truth is that it’s nothing about fate or destiny, but all about your “Karma”. Your actions determine you and define your destiny.

A celebration to remember...

It was a great day for us to celebrate the 10th Founder’s Day of our esteemed school on 24th of April. Founder’s Day is traditionally a very important day in the school calendar when members of school community meet to observe its journey of growth and development. The students of different classes participated enthusiastically. This grand occasion was graced by the presence of our Honorable Chairman Shri S.K. Ralli. Before the onset of celebration a ‘yagya pooja’ was performed to purify the atmosphere with Vedic Mantras. After that, the students received tasty prashad followed by the cultural programme with the chief aim to develop the ambition and potential of every student. The auditorium was filled with an atmosphere of celebration wherein the students had put up several entertaining acts and musicals. Since this day is considered to be the most important event so was the theme of this year, the inspirational play “Main Kalam Hoon “ highlighted that learning and studying is the right of every student. Education can make a child self conscious that what he / she want to become in future. It also gave a message that Luck is nothing, Karma is everything. After the performance, the cake cutting ceremony was held, a nice way to end a great day with a sweet cake, sweet memories.

Srishti Sinha VIII B

Students’ Experiences :

Kesariya Balam , the ethereal folk music sung by me and my friends for such an important event was an absolute delightful opening to our theme but on the other hand to do justice with the song was a real typical task for me. Instructed to be there in first row just in front of the mike, made me nervous but the inspiring words of my teacher and my friends gave me that spirit and feeling that I could connect with the song easily and was able to give my best.

Tanmay Gupta VII C

The Founder’s day was celebrated with great zest and enthusiasm. In the act, I played the lead role of Kalam. The moment I was in front of the audience, I really thought myself as Kalam and felt his greatness inside me. My co-actors were very cooperative and we enjoyed the act so much. I got the inspiration that’ Hardwork is the key to success.’

Binay VI C

The much awaited day began with the arrival of the Honourable dignitaries. It was an honour for me to speak in front of them but was making me feel nervous too; but all thanks to my class teacher in having faith in me and giving me this opportunity to deliver the best in me. Now I feel confident in the art of public speaking.

Khwaish Singh VIII B

That day, I was super excited and nervous that I got up very early. In the school, before my performance I was extremely nervous, whether I would be able to perform or not. But, the moment I stepped on the floor and the music was played, me and my friends danced so well that our troop received a long applause. Everyone appreciated our dance. Earlier I used to think that Dance is not my cup of tea, but then I came to know that I can dance too. Hats off to the efforts and the teaching strategy employed by our Activity Teachers. We were all very delighted and our happiness knew no bounds when we got a piece of cake on the account of Our Chairman Sir’s birthday.

Unnati Lohit VIII B

The teachers have given me an opportunity that I will be forever grateful for. The traditions, the values and memories are some that I can keep for life. Throughout, the rehearsals I came across many new things that I had never heard of. My participation in the skit not only earned me fame but also raised my confidence level. It was one of my best experiences and I look forward to gain more.

Kavya Pradhan VII A

It all started when I was sitting in my class and suddenly our Activity Incharge , Maam Nivedita along with our Dance Teacher entered and announced the need of one student for a role named Laptan, she briefed everything about the role at which I started laughing and out of fun raised my hand and even Yash from my class too did that. To my surprise I got selected, I was like ....How that happened???? I then onwards took everything seriously and adhered to what my mentor said. I was appreciated by everyone and I was myself astonished to see such different side of me. I want to offer a very big Thank you to my teachers for encouraging and believing in me.

Arjun Pathania VIII C