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Prerna House Assembly Report

The reason abaft christening a house named ‘PRERNA’, RIS wanted to propel its students from apathy to possibility, and transform the way they perceive their own capabilities. Prerna, awakens the students to new possibilities by allowing them to transcend their ordinary experiences and limitations. As the name itself means ‘to inspire’, the house is a compilation of a complete Program for Result Enhancement, Resource Nurturing and Assessment. Apart from the number of other invigorating activities, morning assemblies have always remained an integral and indispensable part of the soul of RIS .It plays a significant role to provide an unceasing exposure to the students to attain complete knowledge for holistic development. It also enable our students to harness their abilities and to think beyond the edge. Hence, every year Prerna house comes up with many knowledge provoking ideas.


These well planned assemblies also contribute greatly to the community culture of our school and passes on positive values. Hence, the students of primary wing put up various assemblies to provide a foundation of understanding for the community, in which students can better understand the "big picture" of their learning and school life. By being in assembly together, it immediately becomes something that everyone shares and identifies with, fostering greater solidarity.


‘The influence of a mother in lives of her children is beyond calculation’

‘To pay a tribute to their loving mothers, the Class V students celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ on 2nd May 2019 with enthusiasm and excitement. The students recited rhymes devoted to their moms at the start of the assembly. Following the same they sang to the tune of the famous song ‘O ma jab se dekhi duniya’ which was appreciated by one and all present there. An emotional skit was also presented which showcased how a son makes a mistake of sending his mother to an old-age home but regrets his own action and brings her back home later was a big eye-opener and a big attraction for the audience .It concluded with an eye-catching dance performance dedicated to all ‘Mothers’. The students delightedly participated in the assembly and made it a huge success.


“Seasons are nature’s way of showing us how to live.”

Seasons change and so do we. Class I students conducted a special assembly on the theme ‘SUMMER SEASON’ on 8th May 2019. The students presented a mesmerising assembly on the theme ‘Summer Season’ with an introduction of this season by two lovely children talking to each other and giving their views followed by a ‘Song of the season’ .Precautionary measures were shared to keep in mind to deal with the scorching heat of the sun and keep ourselves safe. The assembly concluded with a beautiful dance performance. Overall, the assembly was conducted smoothly and the audience was absorbed by the flawless performance of the students.


“A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”
Heritage is the very essence of humanity and needs to be preserved. On the 25th July 2019 the fourth graders of the Junior Wing celebrated Heritage Day and put up informative and entertaining performances with an urge to protect one’s heritage. The students learned that heritage refers to practices that are passed down through the years, from one generation to the next which includes culture, tradition, clothing, flora, fauna and also historical monuments. This special day offered an opportunity to raise awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it. The students of the junior wing thoroughly enjoyed themelodious song on culture, street play and dance performance which showcased the talents of our sprightly fourth graders. The assembly was a successful endeavor by our students. They did well by glorifying our heritage and spreading the message that one’s heritage is meaningful and worth cherishing.


“Teachers are the light of the world.”

‘The students of Class I presented a Special Assembly on Sep 4th, 2019 on the eve of ‘Teacher’s Day’ with a difference. They took us through the program with enthusiasm and confidence! It started with doha to acknowledge their teachers followed by an inspirational note on the importance of Teacher’s Day. The show concluded with the lovely ‘Ribbon Dance’ presented as a tribute to their role models who have always looked after them from their formative years. The energy of the children charged the environment and their teachers felt feted. Indeed, it had been a special start to a delightful day


Reuse, Recycle and Reduce…

Water is the most precious gift of nature. It is an essential component of life and is vital for sust enance.Without water nothing can live, thus water conservation has become a need of the hou r. So, we should all stand together to conserve water to save life.Spreading this message of savi ng water & electricity. Class II students presented a class assembly on 30th October 2019 highlighting some amazing facts about water & electricity. Students recited a poem, enacted a Nukkar Nataks and gave a dance performance to motivate the audience to join the mission of conserving water and electricity.Finally,the students took a pledge to ‘SAVE WATER AND NEVER WASTE IT ‘and develop water saving habits that will become a way of life for the future. The assembly made an earnest attempt to practice and preach the golden rule – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


The students of middle wing came forward to share the responsibility of upholding the ethos and dignity of the school. The young crusaders have always provided pursuit to imbibe the worth spirit and relished the fervour of RIS and always tried their best to educate, entertain and enlighten everyone with theme based assemblies. Our intention is to develop confidence, skill of stage presentation, public speaking and maximum participation of the students.

THEME: EARTH DAY (Let Our Earth Breathe)

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”-Gandhi

On 30 April 2019 the students of middle wing set about with great zeal and vigor and put up a special assembly on the theme ‘Let our Earth Breathe’ and celebrated ‘Earth day’. It was conducted to inculcate the feeling of respect among students for the resources which the earth has bestowed upon humans and also to preserve it. The assembly emphasized on focusing on the sustainable development to help the earth to renew its resources. The highlight of the assembly was a skit depicting the condition of the earth. The comparison was made between past and the future. It evoked a thought process in the young minds and proved to be an eye opener. It also gave a glimpse of the living beings in 2050.


A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.’

On 16 July 2019, the students of Prerna house marked their excellence and came forward to avidly promote and sensitize the students about a girl who stood strong in her convictions and became an inspiration for the globe. The youngest recipient in the history of Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai proved that when the whole world is silent, even the one voice becomes powerful.. The highlight of the assembly was a skit portraying the bravery and struggles of the little girl, Malala. The students passionately portrayed a realistic view of the terror of Taliban’s. A melodious song added an extra flavor and accelerated the spirit of grapple.


"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

The students of the Prerna house remained unstoppable as they were the proud organizers of the themed assembly ‘The road to success has no shortcuts’on 20 August 2019. The students elaborated the thought and latest updates. The students added humour by introducing some recent news regarding the school campus. The students of class VII proved an astute narrator of a pensive skit on the theme. It taught the audience that you can’t achieve success without hard work or by following spurious methods.


“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind”

On 24 December 2019, the students of middle wing embarked and portrayed their caliber and creativity on the theme.The motive behind this presentation was to indoctrinate the respect for culture and traditions. The program witnessed some impeccable performances by the students of classes 6 to 8. The audience applauded Panya of class 8 C for the informative speech. Eventually the Assembly was ended by the melodious and synchronized Carol by the choir of the house. The audience was awed by the captivating speech, jingling carol and wondrous decoration done by the students. The program concluded with yuletide tidings for the new year.

THEME: Cyber Bullying: cyber obsessions are greatest threat to humanity

“Blowing out someone else candle, does’nt make yours shine any better”

On 04.02.2020, “Cyber Bullying: cyber obsessions are greatest threat to humanity” was a theme presented in the assembly. The students of Prerna House presented a thought provoking ‘Nukkad Natak’ (skit) where they showcased their creative talent skillfully presenting the situations related to cyber bullying such as card cloning, fake sights, asking for bank account details and misusing it. Through this nukkad natak students were able to make people aware of such crimes which prevail in our society and how we can save ourselves by being vigilant and not disclosing our personal details to any unknown person. The last assembly of the session culminated with singing of National Anthem.


As a true flag bearers the students of senior wing served as powerful motivators for the entire school .The assemblies put up by them are indeed a powerful motivation for the entire school.


On 15 April 2019, the students of IX and X conducted an assembly on ‘Preserving Our Heritage’. Erudition was at its best. The students spoke their heart out stating the importance and sanctity of heritage. The students also sensitize the audience about the significance of our heritage and inspired them to take the initiative in preserving the same for our country’s prosperity.


To mark the contemporary era of technology, the students of classes IX and X conducted a morning assembly was conducted to explain the “Role of Technology in our Lives”. To sensitize the students, small dance and drama was showcased by students of classes IX and X. The theme was depicted with a funny yet informative drama along with a small dance to give a complete significance to it.


“A very important aspect of gratitude is to acknowledge the services of those who add so much value to our life but often get neglected and then to reciprocate with them in any way possible.” With the above motto in mind, the students conducted the assembly on the theme “Gratitude is the Best Attitude” on 15 July 2019.Inspired by the teachings of Gaur Gopal Das, students expressed their feelings through a small skit wherein they showcased how a small action of kindness could bring a positive change in the life of others. The choir group snag the melodious song “shukrana” based on the theme to thank God and their parents for all the love and compassion they received from them till now and would also be there with them forever.


Today’s young generation have a varied dreams for their lives but the path to achieve them is still not known to them. To instill that instinct in the young minds, a morning assembly was conducted on 19 August 2019.The main aim of the theme was to sensitize the young buddies about their way of planning things to accomplish their goals. The students initiated the theme with a beautiful line, “When making a plan, do not look at how overwhelming the challenge may seem, One must focus on goal/vision and why is it important to you.” The morning prayers added a bliss to the assembly for a peaceful procession of the day. Based on the theme, the house members performed a skit which conveyed the message “the importance of planning before bringing it into action.”A small speech was also delivered on the same theme which sensitized the fellow mates about how is significant to have planned structure for any action to be performed.

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