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Independence Day

14 August 2019

We are one
Let us all be proud of our beloved nation
We all have to collectively strive to make India
vibrant, strong & supreme.

The Independence Day of India, which is celebrated religiously throughout the Country every year, since it reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning, the beginning of an era of deliverance from the clutches of British colonialism of more than 200 years. It was on 15th August 1947 that India was declared independent and the reins of control were handed over to then leaders of the Country. Our school also celebrates this festival every year. The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August 2019 with patriotic fervor, zeal and zest. The whole ambience vibrated with the festivity, painting the school premises in flamboyant hues of tricolor--- saffron, white & green. The chief guests of the function were Honourable Chairman of the school, Mr Surinder Kumar Ralli, respected Principal Madam Ms. Neha Ralli & respected Managing Trustee Sir Mr Siddharth Ralli.

The celebration started early in the morning in the school ground & commenced with the procession of the Bagpiper Band followed by the March Past of all the house troops. The dignitaries were invited on the stage to take the salute from the contingents & the band leader took permission to begin the procession. The tunes of the bagpiper along with the beats of the drum were amusing. The attire and the feet taps added passion to the sight. Their troop was followed by the students of Shakti House. They showcased their powerful efforts & walked ahead with a nice rhythm. Next in row were the students of Prerna House. The bright yellow colour of that house gave a lot of inspiration to everyone & motivated to march forward with rhythm. Third in position were the students of Jagriti House, keeping their flag upright showcased proud & dedication towards their house. They gave a message of awakening as the house name suggests. Last in row were the students of Ekta House which represented Unity. They marched forward in symmetry demonstrating coordination. It was a splendid March Past and they all bagged huge appreciation from the spectators.

The end of the march past called for the unfurling of the tricolor not only to symbolize the independent nations’ freedom but also the celebration. Our national flag was unfurled by our Honourable Chairman Sir and the melodious notes of the National Anthem were played in the backdrop. Everyone sang the National Anthem in unison to express the joy of our country’s freedom. The Honourable Chairman Sir then addressed the gathering & made us drenched in an inspiring environment. The most awaited moment had arrived for all the viewers as it was time for the cultural programs to start.

India is a unique blend of diverse religions, languages, cultures, faiths, beliefs rituals & practices, which were portrayed by that small cultural program put up by the students. It began with the Welcome Song. It was a classical song, that could give a beautiful message to everyone and could make everyone feel tranquilized in that harmonious environment. Thereafter two students shared their views on the significance of the day in English & Hindi respectively. They enlightened the audience about the contribution of the unsung heroes of the Indian freedom struggle. This was followed by a Welcome Dance which showcased the diversity of Indian culture with a patriotic spirit. The entire atmosphere was filled with rhythm & the beats were reverberating. The audience was amused & was swaying along. The spirit of freedom and nationalism was well exhibited by the students through a skit named ‘Azadi ke Mayne Sikho aur Sikhao’. The skit virtually left no stone unturned to infuse in the students a feeling of undying love for their country. It displayed the balance that one should maintain between the fundamental rights & fundamental duties and that one should respect the Indian Constitution. This skit was an eye opener for all of the viewers as it showcased the real meaning of freedom. This skit was greatly admired by all & was well appreciated for the acting skills, dialogues & costumes. The last performance of the show was the Finale Dance.

The troop performed a dance with a rap style of music & the steps were really groovy still synchronized. The choreography reignited the fire of patriotism. It could awaken everyone’s feelings towards our Mother Land. The foot tapping music made the audience feel delighted and they applauded whole heartedly.

Finally the celebration came to an end with a vote of Thanks. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect for our country. It was a day which made everyone realize that they can make the country a better place to live in and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.