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Affiliated to CBSE, with classes from 1 to XII. The CBSE curriculum is followed.
Language option: in addition to English and Hindi, French and Sanskrit are also offered from class IV onwards.
   The streams of Science, Commerce and Humanities are offered at Senior Secondary level.
Option 01 Option 02 Option 03 Option 04
English English English English
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
Maths/IP/CS Maths Maths Biology
Biology Physical Education Computer Science Physical Education
*WA(Skill Subject) *WA(Skill Subject)* *WA(Skill Subject) *WA(Skill Subject)
Option 05 Option 06 Option 07
English English English
Accountancy Accountancy Accountancy
Business Studies Business Studies Business Studies
Economics Economics Economics
Maths Physical Education Informatics Practice
*WA/FMM(Skill Subject) *WA/FMM(Skill Subject) *WA/FMM(Skill Subject)
Option 08 Option 09 Option 10 Option 11
English English English English
History History History History
Political Science Political Science Political Science Business Studies
Economics/Maths Economics/Maths Informatics Practices Economics
Physical Education Informatics Practices Physical Education History/Political Science
*WA/FMM(Skill Subject) *WA/FMM(Skill Subject) *WA/FMM(Skill Subject) *WA/FMM(Skill Subject)
WEB APPLICATIONS {WA} (CODE NO.803):- For Science, Commerce and Humanities Students. FINANCIAL MARKETS MANAGEMENT {FMM} (CODE NO.805):- For Commerce and Humanities Students.

Common & compulsory subjects are General Studies, Work Experience, Physical and Health Education.

Opportunities and training are provided to participate in prestigious competitive exams such as National Talent Search Test, National Maths, Science and cyber Olympiads and others.
Scholar Badge, Scholar Blazers and Gold Medals are awarded for excellence in academics at various levels.
Talks, seminars and workshops are regularly conducted for students and teachers to strengthen teaching and learning strategies.

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