Ralli International School

Ralli International affiliated to CBSE is one of the most prestigious senior secondary school in and around NCR, which is situated in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. The school was founded on 24th April 2008 by Shri Surinder Kumar Ralli, an eminent  Educator, Author and Motivator to provide an exclusive schooling facilities where creative learning is keenly encouraged with a blend of world class educational programmes, to bring the best in International Education with a special focus on its ideologgies. The school is not just preparing its students for life but, as life To Be Lived With Joy And Purpose. The school ensures that students spend their early educational years in an environment of warmth, learning and growth.

 At Ralli International School the educators specifically insist upon certain qualities namely curiosity, imagination, wonder, delight, excitement, laughter, dreams… which ensure that every Rallian ‘Learns To Learn’ ‘Learns To Think’, ‘learns To Do’ and ‘Learns To Be’. It enables our students to blossom into well groomed individuals who can observe and assimilate knowledge through a process of self discovery. No doubt Ralli International School will be a symbol of the next generation school.

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